Reference Drug Aliquots: The right control for Assays

“Evidentic’s Drug aliquots helped us to ascertain the efficacy of our novel molecule [in comparison to commercial therapeutic antibody] which supported our fundraising efforts.”
Pavel Khrimian
Co-founder & CBO at Deka Biosciences Inc
Dr John Mumm and Pavel Khrimian co-founded Deka in Jan 2019. They have developed candidate molecules for the treatment of life-threatening diseases using targeted cytokine delivery platform Diakine™ coupled with a precision medicine strategy. Their current focus is on oncology and inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s, sepsis, and psoriasis. This narrative is the result of the June 10th, 2020 interview with Pavel Khrimian. The content has been edited for clarity.

Why was it important to evaluate the current commercial drugs during Diakine® development?

The commercial drugs provide a very good reference point for novel molecule development. They are often used as comparators in drug development.

What were your challenges before finding Evidentic?

The use of biosimilars was just not good enough for our target audience, who wanted to see in-vivo data of our novel Diakine™ compared to a commercial therapeutic drug. We are very fortunate that we found Evidentic, as there were no other sources of therapeutic drugs that were readily available.

How did Evidentic help you?

We were able to effectively eliminate the questions by using the drug aliquots of therapeutic drugs from Evidentic to show the superiority of our Diakine™ in a mouse model. Evidentic provides quality products with exceptional customer service, which enables an early-stage startup such as Deka Biosciences to succeed.

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