Custom aliquotation of drugs

>300 Biologic Drug
available in EU market

Choose any biologic drug

Get your drug
in less than 3 weeks

At Evidentic, we are committed to helping researchers struggling to obtain biologic drugs. If you need a drug product that is not on stock, worry not!

  1. we will procure the biologic drug for you, from drug manufacturer (transport of drug under GDP guidelines)
  2. we will aliquot the drug for you (in a GMP lab)
  3. we will ship the aliquots to you

With our custom procurement and aliquotation service, all you need to provide is the name of the biologic drug and within 3 weeks we will deliver your desired drugs in aliquots.

This service aims to take out the stress and time from drug procurement process, and aliquotation allows you to further save time by having the drug in an easy-to-use and store format

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We aliquot


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