Evidentic’s product portfolio is targeted at pharmaceutical research customers, biosimilar development customers, government or other non-profit research laboratories, non-clinical research organizations or related institutions.

For regulatory purposes, we treat drug aliquots of therapeutic molecules/antibodies as true drugs. This means that Evidentic must qualify anyone who wants to order drug aliquots. This process is only required once for new customers.

Qualification to order dilutions is not required.Why is a client qualification necessary for ordering aliquots?

Evidentic is a business-to-business solution provider to the pharmaceutical industry and to non-commercial institutions.  For regulatory reasons, we are obliged to qualify our customers who wish to purchase before the first transaction can be completed. Even though our drug aliquots are research consumables, they are derived from licensed drugs. For ordering drug aliquots, a short client qualification process is required. The end-user needs to complete a non-human usage declaration, stating that the products are not for non-human, but only for research applications.

This process is required only once for new customers.

Dilutions can be purchased without qualification by both commercial customers and non-commercial institutions.

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