After aliquoting, half of the resulting aliquot batch is stored according to the manufacturer’s storage conditions for the original pharmaceutical product, so normally at 2-8°C. The second half is stored at -86°C.

Before the expiration date is reached, the batch that was originally stored at 2-8°C is transferred to -86°C as well. This ensures the integrity of the active ingredient and that the entire batch was stored BEFORE the end of the original expiration date.

As an example: if you find batches with an expiration date from the past (e.g. 06-2018), this batch has been aliquoted BEFORE June 2018 and transferred to -80°C at the latest by the end of June 2018.Are the batches stored at -80°C still usable for my experiments?

For long-term storage, we store drug aliquots at -86°C before the expiry date of the reference product. Storage takes place in an alarm-protected freezer, within GMP conditions. Thus, the efficacy of the active ingredient is preserved, even long after the expiration of the original drug. With each of our vials, you will receive documentation indicating the exact day the aliquot was frozen (Aliquot data sheet).

Our customers have used both 2-8°C and -86°C samples (including from “expired” batches) for their research. The functionality of the APIs for their experiments was demonstrated in their experiments.

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