The system used for the transportation of drug aliquots may differ between clients, typically depending on factors such as temperature range, or geographical location. For standard transport solutions (2-8 °C, typically FedEx) you can see the pricing to your location in our online shop during the checkout process.  If you require that the aliquots are delivered in dry ice (at -80 °C), this is calculated in a case by case by the courier (for this option we usually use World Courier). Thera also some other additional costa that may apply. These additional costs will depend on the value of the order as well as the delivery address and they may include handling fee, export declaration, box, temperature logger when required and the special box to transport the aliquots. 

Evidentic can take care of the whole transport organization, proposing different shipment temperatures, temperature monitoring record, as well as the export procedures to your laboratory, if it is located outside of the European Union. We can also use your own courier account (if it is one of the companies that we usually use) or even pick up the aliquots at our facilities if you prefer.

Yes, we do. A temperature logger device is added to each GDP-compliant shipping box, so that customers have a PDF-read-out of each single transport event.  The addition of a temperature logger as an additional cost.

Other clients operate with contracted logistic partners to pick up medical or analytical supplies from any location worldwide. In this case no logistic service is required.  

In some cases, clients require a cold shipment including cooling elements along with certified shipping containers, classified as a non-GDP compliant shipment. 

Yes, it is. The order fulfilment includes special shipment requests for all customers.  In the pharmaceutical industry shipments, according to good-distribution-practice (GDP) may be preferable or even considered standard.  For a GDP-compliant logistic service, we use GDP-certified third-party logistic partners, guaranteeing end-to-end temperature-controlled shipments in certified shipping containers at constant temperatures for up to 96 hours. 
As majority of our products classify as ‘cold-chain products’, we generally ship all our products either at -80°C or 2-8°C, unless otherwise noted in the storage conditions. Even if special shipment conditions can also be arranged, most of our customers choose to shipment at -80°C, without seeing any effect over the product’s activity. 

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