Each batch of an original drug is purchased by a procurement specialist from qualified wholesalers or directly from the manufacturer. A continuous temperature-controlled transport process also guarantees correct storage conditions at every stage of the logistics process. Our GDP-certified storage facilities are regularly inspected by local authorities to ensure the high drug storage standards you expect from a pharmaceutical supplier. The subsequent process of manufacturing drug aliquots and diluted drug aliquots is performed by a biopharma analytical specialist with more than 20 years of experience in sample preparation for analytical analysis. All products are stored according to the original manufacturer’s conditions or at -86°C to maintain the stability of the proteins over a longer storage period. Which documentation do you provide?

We perform a GDP-compliant sourcing including all pedigree information for our clients (photos of all originally packs)

We provide an Aliquote Datasheet (ADS) with purchase date, origin (EU), transportation and storage conditions during GDP transportation/storage, aliquotation date and the storage temperature of the resulting aRMP tubes.

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