How do we obtain drugs?

As a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler, we obtain finished monoclonal antibody (mAb) drugs from drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

We work with a network of reliable wholesalers spread across the European Union. They provide us with a variety of drugs and their multiple batches. We take the time, effort, and stress out of the difficult mAb drug procurement process for you.

  • Regulatory compliance: We control temperatures during drug transport from the pharmaceutical wholesaler to our laboratory. This is performed in accordance with the good distribution practice (GDP) guidelines.

  • Consistent quality: You can rely on the original drug quality because we only purchase from licensed suppliers, strictly follow GDP guidelines for transport and storage of the drugs.  We share with our customers all drug transport and storage temperature information.

Please note, Evidentic does not manufacture drugs, but we do source the drugs. At the Evidentic lab, technicians receive, divide, package, and store drugs for shipment.

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