Preparing drug aliquots

A single unit of a drug usually contains an excessive amount of active ingredient for most research purposes. At Evidentic, we divide the content of a drug vial into smaller amounts called aliquots. Dividing commercial drugs into smaller, practical amounts (aliquots) makes it more affordable and easier for you to source drugs. You can cut months into days from your procurement cycle by ordering mAb drugs aliquots directly from the Evidentic website.

  • GMP-certified handling. Evidentic partners with a GMP-certified service laboratory, where vials of drugs are divided into smaller amounts (aliquotation). The lab’s trained personnel ensure that the drugs are handled in an appropriate and reproducible way.


  • Global R&D clientele. Evidentic ships to research organizations worldwide. Shipment of these small quantities solve the problems of customs clearance associated with drug imports, providing easy availability of drugs to clients all over the globe.

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