Evidentic Pharma Trading

Customized sourcing service

While at initial stages of biosimilar development clients require a range of different reference products, their request may change at a later stage of their research and development program.

Evidentic Pharma Trading GmbH can source and deliver off-the-shelf medicinal products to its clients. As a pharmaceutical sourcing specialist Evidentic Pharma Trading is a fully-owned subsidiary of Evidentic GmbH.

Tailored analytical solutions for your late-stage biosimilar exercise

In addition to maintaining our continuously expanding reference product library at Evidentic, Evidentic Pharma Trading can offer custom sourcing requests from our clients at all stages of the product developmental cycle, particularly during the authorization phase of biosimilar development projects.

These may include supplying samples from specific batches or larger amounts of reference medicinal products, for example. With years of experience as sourcing specialist for the pharmaceutical industry, we know the market and how to satisfy the requests of our customers.

Our customers come from various sectors such as pharmaceutical industry, to biosimilar developers and to analytical laboratories at commercial and non-commercial institutions.

Clinical trial sourcing solutions for your biosimilar clinical evaluation phase

In addition to sourcing the original reference product, the so-called comparator, Evidentic Pharma Trading can source and supply all additional medical supplies used during a clinical trial. We can source non-investigational medicinal products (NIMPs), so standard consumer drugs, as part of the treatment such as concomitant, challenging, rescue or escape medication.

As a pharmaceutical wholesaler, Evidentic Pharma Trading holds a pharmaceutical wholesale license (WDL) according to the German Pharmaceutical Act (ยง52a AMG).

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