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Our aliquots are small quantities of licensed therapeutic drugs that are meant for research use only. To prevent misuse of the drug aliquots, we must ensure that every client uses them only for their intended purpose.

Drug aliquots from Evidentic are:

  • for in vitro research or animal experiments only.
  • NOT for human use.
  • not for resale to a third party.

First-time buyers should download the customer qualification form and a non-human-usage declaration form. Please return the filled and signed forms (blue ink) to as a PDF file. This is required only for your first order.

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Ordering process

We can accept orders through our website (pay through PayPal or direct bank transfer) or via email (purchase orders or signed offers).

Email order: Please send us your request via email

Online order: Please follow the steps to order through our website

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    Select product item(s)

    (Batch number, product name and quantity)

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    Add to cart and choose the shipping conditions

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    Add contact details, shipping and billing address (VAT number required if in EU)

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    Pay via PayPal or wire transfer

    (Pay by Invoice – only available to clients in Germany)

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    Download the qualification form from the “Download” section. Fill, sign and send us at

Required information: The following information is required for placing an order

  • Shipping and billing address
  • Telephone number (in case of a query)
  • Email address (so that we can confirm the order details and delivery timeline)
  • VAT (MwSt) is required for EU clients, otherwise, VAT (MwSt) will be charged. US clients should also provide their Tax ID for smooth customs clearance.
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Courier Services: Shipping of drug aliquots is carried out by courier services such as DHL Express, FedEx, and other international priority and specialized logistic providers such as World Courier.

Standard Shipment: During standard shipments, the goods are packed and delivered in certified containers that are passively cooled at 2-8°C.
Dry ice shipments are also available on request.

Shipping Days: For shipments within the EU, regular shipping takes place from Monday to Wednesday from our laboratory. International shipments are released only on Monday and Tuesday.

Specialized logistic services may also pick up the goods on Thursdays and Fridays, as they monitor the cooling and refill dry ice or exchange cooling elements, as and when required during shipment.

Temperature Monitoring: Specialized logistic providers such as World Courier offer additional services such as end-to-end temperature monitoring. This adds extra cost and is more expensive than our standard shipment methods.

  • A TempTale device (temperature monitoring during shipment) is included in the shipment only on request, please inquire if needed.
  • GDP compliant shipments are also possible, please email us your request.

Self pick-up: When preferred, the goods can also be picked up by the clients from our service labs.

Shipping Charge: Only one shipping is charged for all the products ordered at a single time. This is independent of the price of the product but depends on the delivery address.

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