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We have created a novel solution for researchers using therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in their daily experiments. For the first time researchers and clinicians have access to small quantities of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

The demand for therapeutic proteins in research has risen since we have started in September 2017. Our core customer base are biotech companies developing Biosimilar proteins, mostly therapeutic (monoclonal) antibodies as the active pharmaceutical ingrediant (API). These commercial companies use Evidentic’s analytical reference medicinal products, short a-RMPs, for qualitative and functional assays.

In particular, the biotech industry takes advantage that Evidentic can offer different batches of the same API. The background: therapeutic proteins are produced in batch production runs. Thus, one batch may differ slighty in some characteristics from the next batch. This batch-to-batch variation may give rise to some different protein characteristics, a change in exipients or endotoxin levels.


Therapeutic proteins for your research

You as a researcher can now access our a-RMP library too: register on our webpage and browse through the specific therapeutic protein of your interest. The a-RMPs can be employed for various uses, such as:
Positive control sample
In-vitro and in-vivo assays
Intact molecular mass determination
Determination of molecular masses of reduced heavy and light chains
Determination of peptide sequences by peptide mapping of heavy and light chains, followed by mass determination of individual peptides
… many more applications
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