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Some interesting developments in the field of therapeutic antibodies

1. Biophysical and biochemical characterization of a VHH-based IgG-like bi- and transpacific antibody platform.

Authors: Lukas Pekar , Michael Busch , Bernhard Valldorf , Steffen C. Hinz , Lars Toleikis , Simon Krah & Stefan Zielonka
“The characterization of a VHH-derived IgG-like bi- and trispecific antibody platform that essentially relies on the replacement of the VH and VL regions of a conventional antibody by two independently functioning VHH domains”….to read the full article click here

2. Therapeutic Fc‐fusion proteins: Current analytical strategies
Authors: Bastiaan L. Duivelshof, Amarande Murisier, Julien Camperi, Szabolcs Fekete, Alain Beck, Davy Guillarme & Valentina D’Atri
Fusion proteins like Etanercept require specific methods for characterization, in addition to the conventional. Here is an excellent resource on the analytical strategies that can be used. This review “highlights the wide range of analytical strategies used to fully characterize Fc‐fusion proteins. We present also case studies on the structural assessment of all commercially available Fc‐fusion proteins, based on the features and critical quality attributes of their ligand binding domains”….to read the full article click here


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Publishing Date:
Tuesday, 15 September, 2020


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