Scholarship Grant of US$ 1,500

As a leading custom service provider specialized in the supply of therapeutic antibodies for analytical research, Evidentic is happy to support young and ambitious talents in our field.

$1500 paid via paypal or wiretransfer. Winner will be chosen on April 16 2021

Extended Application Deadline:
Now: April 16th 2021

The application deadline was reached. Please apply for the next scholarship once announced here!
The Evidentic scholarship is open on a global basis. To be eligible to receive a scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

Application information

To select the unique student who best meets all the requirements above, Evidentic Scholarship Program sets up two phases of selections.

During the first phase, students should complete the following process:

6 candidates will be selected through the first writing ability test by Evidentic committee.

During the second phase, 6 candidates should select one from the other 5 topics (must be different from the first phase’s topic) and submit a PPT of 10-12 pages or a video for at least 5 minutes about the topic you choose.

6 Topics - Choose one of the topics below

(click on the topic to expand and read more details)

Describe patents, their importance in the context of patents of drugs/medicine by the pharmaceutical industry. Are patents necessary? What can be the alternate? What happens when the patents expire? How is the patent expiry related to biosimilars and generics?

Describe therapeutic antibodies. What are the new therapeutic antibodies approved in the last year or two? for which therapeutic area? Why new development is necessary and what makes it valuable? What are the latest developments in the field of therapeutic antibodies in the last 2 years? How does the future look like for therapeutic antibodies?

What are antibodies? Their role in the body’s immune system. Why are they a good tool in research experiments? For which research experiments antibodies can they be used? How can you judge/find out about the quality of the antibody? What do you think – should one choose therapeutic antibodies over research antibodies for bench work?  Why or why not?

How can the immune system be exploited to produce medicines against cancer? What are the current immune-therapies available to patients now? What are the emerging technologies in the field of immune-oncology? How do therapeutic antibodies fit into this vast paradigm of immuno-oncology therapies?

Example fields: Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, infectious disease, autoimmune disorders, etc. Why did you choose this field? Describe how the treatment evolved in this field? What is the current treatment in this field? How did therapeutic antibodies change the field? Is the treatment with therapeutic antibodies better why or why not? [Hint EMA + disease condition]

Drug aliquots are the products of Evidentic. What are biosimilars? What is a biosimilar comparability exercise? What is a reference drug? Why different batches of drugs are needed for biosimilar development? Who approves the biosimilar drugs? Any ideas on how the product of Evidentic – “Drug Aliquots” might fit in this approval process? Hint: FDA biosimilar draft guideline -2019 (

Terms and Conditions:

1. One applicant can submit the application form once only.
2. The winner will be notified by email and also announced online on May 30, of every year.
3. The scholarship will be awarded to support the winner’s listed university in the application for the awarded semester.
4. Applicants may apply the scholarship no more than once per calendar year.
5. Any student who is currently enrolled/accepted at a college or university is eligible to apply (undergraduate, graduate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctor’s degree).
6. By submitting an essay, you are giving us the permission to publish the work on our website and through any of our existing social media outlets. You also agree to receive information from Evidentic.
7. The scholarship winner will be determined by a selection committee.
8. Evidentic will not share any personal information of applicants, and all information will be treated with strict confidentiality and will not be sold or disclosed to a third party.
9. Employees of Evidentic and family members are not eligible for this scholarship.



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