Aliquots of Monoclonal Antibody Drugs

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Therapeutic antibodies are the active ingredient of drugs targeting antigens like HER2, TNF-α or CD20. For researchers, therapeutic antibodies are mostly difficult to obtain. Biopharmaceutical companies require different batches. At Evidentic you can buy therapeutic antibodies from 18 original EU-licensed drugs as aliquots or dilutions. What are therapeutic antibodies?

Therapeutic antibody drugs are purchased by Evidentic from the original drug manufacturers. The medicines are not further modified or processed but repackaged (aliquoted) into smaller volumes. The ‘aliqouts’ can be used as research consumables.


(5 – 150 mg/ml)

Original drug & original buffer
High concentrations 5-150 mg/ml
Multiple batches

Order aliquots from up to 10 different batches for applications like heterogeneity testing or biocomparability assays.

How we generate aliquots of therapeutic antibody drugs:

1. GDP-compliant drug procurement

2. Temperature controlled shipment & storage

3. Quality-controlled aliquotation in GMP-licensed laboratory

4. Temp-controlled storage at 2-8°C or -86°C


Dilutions from Evidentic’s therapeutic antibody drug aliquots

Exclusively available through our distribution partner Antibody Online.

What are therapeutic antibodies?

Therapeutic antibodies are developed for the treatment of human diseases. They differ from diagnostic or research antibodies due to the following facts:

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient in medicines (API)
  • Therapeutic function in human is proven in clinical trials
  • Registered within a medical regulatory authority such as EMA
  • Represents the first authorised medicinal product and serves as a reference product (RMP/RLD) for API
  • Some have antigen-neutralizing properties or physiological down-stream effects depending on their therapeutic function

At Evidentic you can purchase therapeutic antibodies from original EU-licensed medicines as licence-free consumable for research use. How do I get therapeutic antibodies?

Easy Access

Easy Access

Easy to order as license-free research consumable
Multiple batches

Multiple batches

Up to 10 batches of original drugs for examining batch-to-batch variations
Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Up to 80% less compared to the original pharmaceutical price
Prompt delivery

Prompt delivery

Shipment within days worldwide according to GDP-standards
Documented origin

Documented origin

Information on batch, registration number, expiry date, GDP-compliant pedigree