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Ramucirumab antibody from Cyramza®

Therapeutic VEGFR2-antibody from the original Cyramza® commercial drug targeting the VEGFR2-antigen, also referred to as Cyramza® or ramucirumab antibody . Research-relevant quantities are available as licence-free consumable in aliquoted or diluted variant. Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies can be used from researchers in in vitro and in vivo experiments, biosimilar developers can order different batches at the same time.

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Easy Access

Easy to order as license-free research consumable
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Multiple batches

Up to 10 batches of original drugs for examining batch-to-batch variations
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Reduce costs

Up to 80% less compared to the original pharmaceutical price
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Prompt delivery

Shipment within days worldwide according to GDP-standards
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Documented origin

Information on batch, registration number, expiry date, GDP-compliant pedigree

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Ramucirumab / Cyramza

Product Reference

Drug nameCyramza®
API typeRamucirumab is a human IgG1 monoclonal antibody produced in murine (NS0) cells by recombinant DNA technology.
Pharmacotherapeutic group
Antineoplastic agents, monoclonal antibodies
ATC code
Target of antibody
VEGFR2; Synonyms: CD309, FLK1, VEGFR, 6130401C07, Flk-1, Flk1, Krd-1, Ly73, VEGFR-2, sVEGFR2, Vegfr-2, FLK-1, flk-1, vegfr-2, KDR, FLK/KDR, flk1, flk1b, kdrb, si:busm1-205d10.1, si:ch211-254j6.1, si:ch211-278f21.4, wu:fc31a09
General function
Short description
Pharmacodynamic properties
(Mechanism of action; Source EMA document)
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Receptor 2 is the key mediator of VEGF induced
angiogenesis. Ramucirumab is a human receptor-targeted antibody that specifically binds VEGF
Receptor 2 and blocks binding of VEGF-A, VEGF-C, and VEGF-D. As a result, ramucirumab inhibits
ligand stimulated activation of VEGF Receptor 2 and its downstream signalling components,
including p44/p42 mitogen-activated protein kinases, neutralising ligand-induced proliferation and
migration of human endothelial cells.
Pharmacodynamic properties (Pharmacodynamic effects; Source EMA document)
Original license holder
Marketing authorisation numbers
EU/1/14/957/001 - 003
Marketing authorisation holder
Eli Lilly Nederland B.V.
Papendorpseweg 83
3528 BJ Utrecht
The Netherlands
Name of the manufacturer of the biological active substance
ImClone Systems LLC
33 ImClone Drive,
New Jersey
NJ 08876
Eli Lilly S.A.
County Cork
Name and address of the manufacturer(s) responsible for batch releaseLilly, S.A.
Avda de la Industria, 30
28108 Madrid
Max shelf life
36 months
Storage conditions
2°C – 8°C
List of excipients
Histidine monohydrochloride
Sodium chloride
Glycine (E640)
Polysorbate 80 (E433)
Water for injections