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Aliquots of the original Canakinumab (Ilaris®) are now available as research consumables.

Canakinumab drug aliquots can be used for in vitro or in vivo experiments. Several other reference drugs are also available.

The drug aliquots are generated by aliquoting (dividing and repackaging) the EU-licensed reference drug.

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Ilaris ® / Canakinumab Reference Product

Drug nameIlaris®
API typeMonoclonal antobody
Pharmacotherapeutic group
Immunosuppressants, interleukin inhibitors
ATC code
Target of antibody
IL-1 beta
General function
Short descriptionCanakinumab is indicated for the treatment of the following autoinflammatory periodic fever syndromes in adults, adolescents and children aged 2 years and older:
Cryopyrin-associated periodic syndromes (CAPS), Tumour necrosis factor receptor-associated periodic syndrome (TRAPS), hyperimmunoglobulin D syndrome (HIDS)/mevalonate kinase deficiency (MKD), Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), Still’s disease, Gouty arthritis.
Pharmacodynamic properties
(Mechanism of action; Source EMA document)
Canakinumab is a human monoclonal anti-human interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 beta) antibody of the IgG1/κ isotype. Canakinumab binds with high affinity specifically to human IL-1 beta and neutralises the biological activity of human IL-1 beta by blocking its interaction with IL-1 receptors, thereby preventing IL-1 beta-induced gene activation and the production of inflammatory mediators.
Pharmacodynamic properties (Pharmacodynamic effects; Source EMA document)The peak serum canakinumab concentration (Cmax) occurred approximately 7 days following single subcutaneous administration of 150 mg in adult CAPS patients. The mean terminal half-life was 26 days. Mean values for Cmax and AUCinf after a single subcutaneous dose of 150 mg in a typical adult CAPS patient (70 kg) were 15.9 µg/ml and 708 µg*d/ml.
Canakinumab binds to serum IL-1 beta. The distribution volume (Vss) of canakinumab varied according to body weight. It was estimated to be 6.2 litres in a CAPS patient of body weight 70 kg.
The apparent clearance (CL/F) of canakinumab increases with body weight. It was estimated to be 0.17 l/d in a CAPS patient of body weight 70 kg and 0.11 l/d in a SJIA patient of body weight 33 kg.
After accounting for body weight differences, no clinically significant differences in the pharmacokinetic properties of canakinumab were observed between CAPS and SJIA patients.
Original license holder
Novartis Europharm Limited
Vista Building
Elm Park, Merrion Road
Dublin 4
Marketing authorisation numbers
Marketing authorisation holder
Novartis Europharm Limited
Vista Building
Elm Park, Merrion Road
Dublin 4
Name of the manufacturer of the biological active substance
Novartis Pharma S.A.S.
Centre de Biotechnologie
8, rue de l’Industrie
68330 Huningue
Name and address of the manufacturer(s) responsible for batch releaseNovartis Pharma GmbH
Roonstrasse 25
D-90429 Nürnberg
Max shelf life
3 years
Storage conditions
2-8 °C
List of excipients
Histidine hydrochloride monohydrate
Polysorbate 80

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