About Evidentic

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Evidentic GmbH provides a unique service for biosimilar developers, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

Evidentic is a sourcing specialist providing clinical-grade molecules as aliquots from original EU-licensed drugs. Evidentic thus solves a central problem of early drug development: to easily access reference molecules approved by the European Medicine Agency and to obtain different batches of drugs that are usually not available on the market at the same time. For researchers in industry and universities, our business model allows buying therapeutic = clinical-grade molecules as consumables instead of buying expensive original vials, sharing aliquots between research groups or using alternative antibodies.

Dr. Christian Schmitz (he/him)

Founder & CEO

Christian is the founder of Evidentic, manages the day-to-day business and is our strategic mind. As a molecular biologist, his main fields of scientific expertise are human cancer and immunodeficiency viruses. He worked for 10 years in numerous positions in bio-pharmaceutical companies in the US and Germany and as a post-doctoral fellow at the University College London. Christian has gained extensive experience in global medicinal procurement and pharmaceutical trading. He holds a PhD in biology from York University and an MBA in General Management from Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

Susann Tränkner (she/her)

Product Manager / Logistics

Susann came part of the Evidentic team at the beginning of 2021, and she has grown fast and took ownership of all the logistics. She has put in place strong quality and reliable procedures to ensure a smooth and reliable process. Susann holds a degree in Food Technology and has gained work experience in different departments when she worked at Phillip Morris, giving her a global view and understanding of the operations inside a company, in concrete for logistics.

Sofia Araujo (she/her)

Online Marketing Manager

Sofia is the latest person to join Evidentic. She is in charge of improving the company’s online visibility through channels such as the website, social media, email campaigns. Sofia has a science background and worked in different companies and fields. Sofia arrived in Berlin in 2017, and after starting to learn German, she decided to do an Online Marketing course and embrace this new challenge.

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