From drug to aliquot

how we produce drug aliquots for research

Follow these five steps to learn how reference drugs are transformed into high-quality research consumables for analytical, in-vitro, and in-vivo use.

How do we source pharmaceuticals?

As a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler, we source finished medicines from drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

We cooperate with a network of reliable wholesalers distributed throughout the European Union. They supply us with a wide range of medicines and their different batches. We reduce the time, effort and stress of the difficult process of procuring medications.

Evidentic does not manufacture therapeutic molecules itself, but instead obtains commercially available drugs for repackaging in microcentrifuge tubes.

Preparation of drug aliquots

A Single unit of a drug usually contains too large an amount of active ingredient or drug product for most research purposes. At Evidentic, we divide the contents of a drug vial into smaller quantities called “Drug Aliquots”. Dividing commercial drugs into smaller, convenient quantities, Drug Aliquots, makes it cheaper and easier for you to procure drugs. You can cut months into days off your procurement cycle by ordering Drug Aliquots directly from the Evidentic website.

Storing drug aliquots to maintain product quality

After repackaging in Drug Aliquots, the drugs are stored in the GMP-certified service laboratory. There is only one way to ensure that a biologic is still usable months to years after its nominal expiration date. That is to store it in a frozen state (-86°C) before the end of its shelf life. This storage temperature ensures that the biologic will regain its previous active state and behavior upon thawing. All our freezers are GMP certified and regularly monitored.

When buyers purchase drugs resuspended from freeze-dried powders, they save the time of finding and following the manufacturer’s instructions for preparing and storing the solution.

Availability of drug batches

To understand the variability of reference drugs during biosimilar development, it is important to compare different batches of the drug. This becomes a problem for researchers as drug manufacturers typically launch only a few batches of a biologic per year.

By using our batch drug library, researchers no longer have to wait months/years to purchase a series of reference drug batches, dramatically reducing cost and time.

Product Documentation

At Evidentic, we take pride in our quality assurance system. Thorough documentation ensures complete traceability. Customers can easily trace the contents of a Drug Aliquot back to its original vial.

  • Date, time and temperature the original drug arrived at the lab.
  • Date and time the drug was split into aliquots.
  • Confirmation of GDP compliance.
  • Aliquot storage conditions.
  • Download sample Aliquot Data Sheet (ADS)

Why buy aliquots?

Evidentic is a young innovative company providing original drugs for research and new drug development.

Through our unique concept, we enable our customers to buy small quantities of these drugs as consumables, saving costs and time.