Commercial pharmaceuticals now available as research consumables. Obtain small quantities of APIs in the original buffer & concentration. Quick and easy access to therapeutic molecules for researchers.

Drug Aliquots - In Stock

Commercial pharmaceuticals aliquoted

Drug aliquots are pre-aliquoted, commercially available drugs from the EU. Drug aliquots thus contain therapeutic molecules manufactured by the original drug license holder and repackaged by Evidentic. Drug aliquots contain 0.5 – 12 mg of the original drug per aliquot. Get easy and fast access to hard-to-find commercial drugs. For research use only (RUO). No licensing required. Simply order here!

Drug Aliquots - On Demand

Choose your commercial pharmaceutical aliquoted

Can’t find the drug you need as an aliquot? Order through our on-demand aliquot service: name your desired drug or API and receive a quote for drug aliquots. We purchase the commercially available EU drug and prepare drug aliquots for you.

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